Thieves take $26750 during ATM refill at Newport on the Levee

September 29, 2018

$26000 Stolen When Armored Car Driver Robbed at Newport on the Levee The car’s driver had been emptying an ATM in the entertainment complex and preparing to deliver more money, Det. Dennis McCarthy wrote in the release. While he was occupied, another man “ran up from behind the Brink’s employee" and stole a bag of money meant for delivery.


Inside the Auction of Eileen Slocums Astounding Newport Mansion

September 28, 2018

Bellevue Avenue mansion of Eileen Slocum sold for $4.4 million Of all the superb houses Newport grand dame Eileen Slocum occupied before her death ten years ago, the most important to her role and image as a formidable social leader was 459 Bellevue Avenue. It was built for her uncle and aunt, Harold and Georgette Wetmore Brown, in 1894; the austere granite exterior of the baronial structure designed by local…